IT Service

Jayonik MSC Sdn Bhd also specialized in providing IT service for 3D visualization as well as 3D modeling.
 3D visualization solution includes the following fields:



Function :
Customers can fly in, zoom in and zoom out different angle of 3D areas built upon satellite images, register data of building, objects or even simulate vehicles moving on different types of roads, terrains and topography.

We believe that: "If a picture says more than a thousand words, a virtual reality experience says more than a million." Virtual Reality is the ultimate visualization medium. Our Mission is to provide solid solutions that work well. We strive to be low on hype, and high on results. Instead of promising prospective customers the world, we have adopted a 'Solution model' approach. If a client approaches us for a visualization solution, and we do not have a suitable product that would match the service needs of the client directly, we demonstrate similar products to the client. This helps us to determine the exact product needs of the client. We then normally propose the development of a 'Solution Model'. With such a model we try to provide the client with a system that addresses the most important and critical issues of the required solution. The solution model have proven to be very useful for our clients to visualize their solutions in advance, and also to demonstrate the proposed solution to their superiors or board members that have to make the final buying decision.

Jayonik MSC Sdn Bhd developed their own Software Development Kit (JMSC-SDK). The JMSC-SDK is a comprehensive set of C++ class libraries that contain components for building Virtual Reality applications. Using the JMSC-SDK, solution model may be developed much faster than before.